Personal TV

Deliver unlimited OTT feeds to endless viewers on any device

Watch the Texel Platform as deployed for Rakuten in Japan

We are super excited with our partnership and there is much more to come!
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Constructing a unique experience
from a plethora of sources

Broadcast, vlogs, social, stats, radio, podcasts, video cams


Viewers can fully customize the TV screen based on preferred feed choices including online video and data resources.​


Family and friends can enjoy "shared viewing" of ultra-high quality, synchronized TV broadcasts from any location.


The freedom to choose the narrative sources synced to the same timeline like youtube vloggers, radio and podcasts.

Remote presence
is here to stay and watching together across households is now a natural way to enjoy TV

The Texel "Be-There" Experience

Texel redefines the home-viewing experience by bringing the atmosphere, excitement and thrill of live events directly to your TV screen.

Sports Events

Music Concerts

Reality TV

Offer Choice and Interest

Break the chains of edited TV content by offering your viewers an interactive “choose-your-own-view” user experience.

Customize Your Content

Empower your viewers to discover compelling, personalized and relevant content from any internet source.

Create Unique "Social Moments"

Create those special Social Moments by "merging content with social conversations" during live events and broadcasts.

Capture More Eyeballs and Increase Engagement Time

Grab the attention of your viewers with customized, relevant content. Generate real time social experiences and excitement by integrating social media to your televised events.

The Texel "Be-There" Experience

The TEXEL PaaS augments multiple feeds: analyzes, manipulates and distributes the compressed Video. This personalized feed, in turn, is injected with ads and video coming from viewer side cameras, all delivered via edge computing to any device as a standard OTT stream- ‘custom made’ for the viewer.