Engagement Cloud™

Enrich, socialize, and personalize your viewers’ streaming experiences, at scale.

Rakuten Japan Created a World-Leading Cloud Streaming Offering with TEXEL

TEXEL Engagement Cloud™ enables OTTs to offer individual viewer experiences, generates greater personal and social engagements, and introduces new revenue opportunities. Watch how global media giant Rakuten Japan uses TEXEL to attract and engage its growing audience.

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Engagement Cloud™ Takes the Social Streaming & Viewing Experience to the Next Level

Personalize viewing experiences and strengthen viewer engagement while growing your audience through memorable and unique journeys


with each viewer individually and meaningfully


new viewers, with social and crowd experiences


unique user behavioral data, for ad-targeting and microcommerce

TotalSync™ Frame-Accurate Sync by Design

Whatever the scale of the system or the number of streaming sources played on any of your users’ screens – TEXEL delivers it in TotalSync™, a patented, unique, frame-accurate multi-stream technology at scale. 

Serving World-Leading Streaming Brands

TEXEL serves the most demanding streaming brands that seek to enhance the experiences of their millions of viewers every day



Music & Live Events

Cloud Native

Best-of-breed pipeline technology

Elastic, Scalable, Adaptable

On any cloud - as a service

Complete Full-Stack Solution

Multiple feeds to multiple screens - in sync


Enhanced viewing & social experiences

TEXEL Engagement Cloud™ Realizes M2M2M

The ultimate OTT differentiator: multi-stream to multi-screen to multi-experiences

A Complete Solution Suite for Tomorrow's Viewing Experiences

Transform each viewer’s screen with on-demand, customized experiences, add online streams, enable social engagements, and monetize opportunities and behavioral data.